Amanda Trudel has helped me grow spiritually in my life and my business. What she is capable of teaching someone is how to live a life of balance. If you are overwhelmed with your life and you lack focus, Amanda is your gal!

jill landrie
Jill LandrieEntrepreneur & Mindset Coach

Amanda Trudel is a very caring, helpful, and extremely talented woman. She has done multiple readings and emotion clearings which has helped me overcome some things that have been blocking me from living my life to my true potential. I highly recommend all of her services, and will continue to use them myself in the future.

kimberly curtiss
Kimberly CurtissInspirational Blogger

Since meeting Amanda she has worked with me in elevating my level of health with her extensive knowledge all while being empathic to my personal needs. She saved my husband from a serious toothache by sharing information on what essential oil to use, she helped clear away abundance blocks in a beautiful emotion code session, and she has given me several readings that have all been spot on. Amanda’s all around health knowledge would benefit anyone!

brandaleen johnson
Brandaleen JohnsonAuthor/Psychic Medium/Personal Coach

I received a Vitamin Deficiency Scan from Amanda. I wanted to see if the regimen I was taking was filling all my nutritional gaps. It was but I was lacking one thing I could easily change with a small diet change. When I did a big diet change I had another scan and was lacking something that I had cut out unknowingly in my diet. I was happy to have that knowledge from Amanda.
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Jessica SchulteClient