The Age of Awakening


We live in the age of Awakening. More and more people are concerned about this: Who or what am I? I’m just the sum of my personal life story, memories, experiences, thoughts and sufferings? Or is therein me a hidden dimension of a mysterious consciousness, which is superimposed by the noise of my personal life stories?

The spiritual awakening means for the person the ability “to clearly see that what I perceive, experience, think or feel, is after all not the same as what I am.” As soon as a person recognizes who he or she is not, immediately comes the recognition of who he or she actually is: “The light of consciousness, in which perceptions, experiences, thoughts and emotions come and go. This consciousness in the background, is the deeper, real self.” ~Frank M. Wanderer

Principles of Amanda’s Work


Because in today’s society we must all have a certain level of understanding about each individual in order to serve each specific need that being has.


Nothing is off limits, my goal is to engage and inform everyone who is interested in seeing what I stand for and my long term plans. Mesh and become part of the shift!


Crucial to be able to make judgments and actions based on a beings particular set of beliefs, values and principals; individual differences. We are all unique!


Live a lifestyle of honesty, integrity and high ethical standards because doing the right thing behind closed doors, over delivering what is promised and being committed to you; is where everything is at.

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